Another Useful Adapter!

At Touchstone, we seek to address technical issues that come up for many of our customers. A case in point is implementing laptop displays as part of industrial solutions. In many instances a converter is the answer. Over the years we have come up with a wide variety of adapters that connect between “hard to build” cables, and those that are simpler to make.  A great example, and simple solution to this conversion problem, is Touchstone Technology's ASY5314. This small board…

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Article on Motion-Enhancing Features of New TVs

That TV show you're watching... have you thought lately about the frame rate it was shot at? Or that it was delivered to your TV at 60 "fields" per second, to match up with the standard refresh rate of 60Hz?

Newer LCD/LED TVs come with 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rates. Therefore the TV will show more images per second, and will actually have to create new frames to stitch between the actual frames. Instead of 24 frames per second, you end up watching more “fake frames" than real…

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High Output Digital Audio System

Touchstone Technology is proud to have a long history of offering custom monitors, including those for kiosks, to our customers. Lately those customers have been requesting high quality audio systems for their Kiosk monitors. We have a solution for that too!

It's a high-output digital audio system that can be added internally to Touchstone's standard monitor offerings, or used as a stand-alone external audio system.

Using the awesome Texas Instruments TLC320AIC3106 Audio CODEC as the…

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Versatile Single-Board Computer

Touchstone Technology's latest solution in our Embedded Computer Systems line is our versatile single-board computer with a wide variety of connectivity options. This low-cost development platform, featuring a Freescale MX-6 Quad-Core ARM® Cortex A9 processor, enables cost-effective, rapid development of multimedia applications.

This motherboard features two independent display ports (LVDS and HDMI), 1 GB ethernet, 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, a locking power connector, high quality audio output, and…

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High-Capability Display Controller

We're proud of this highly functional analog and digital LCD display controller, the ASY5647. The target applications for this video controller are primarily in the medical LCD monitor market. However, the ASY5647 is suitable for any application where high video fidelity and long life support is necessary. As an added feature, this high-capability video controller allows for use with projected capacitive touchscreen controllers by TPK America. In addition, users can enable backlight…

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