Taking the "Solar Roadway" to the Future

We at Touchstone are inspired by how technology can change the world around us. Take, for instance, the possibility of "intelligent roadways" made of programmable interlocking solar panels. This future technology contributes to developing clean and renewable energy sources. Here's a link to an interesting video about it; check it out here.

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Latest Addition to the Touchstone Monitor Family

We're excited about our new open-frame monitor! This 10.1” capacitive touchscreen monitor, the FPM 1189, has a compact and flexible design, allowing for uses ranging from retail point of sale to medical devices. It has unique mounting brackets which allow the display to be mounted in a variety of ways. And an optional bezel allows for the ultimate flexibility in professional product appearances.Touchstone Technology utlilizes industrial grade parts, guaranteeing that this monitor will be…

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LED Article Worth Noting

Let's shine a spotlight on LED lighting for a moment. At Touchstone we use built-in LEDs in our LCD monitor controller boards, and produce power supply units that are LED current-controlled. But as far as using LED bulbs for home or business lighting, many people don't know that there are no white LED chips; “white” light is created using multiple colors. And most current LED bulbs use blue LEDs to excite a phosphor that then glows white. These bulbs produce no violet or ultraviolet…

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Analog to Digital and Back Again

Lately, many of our products here at Touchstone Technology have been using Analog to Digital converters.  The choice and specifications of these ADCs are critical to designing an excellent product.  If you get the front end of the circuitry wrong, all the software filters in the world can’t save you.

Take a look at this interesting article for engineers and other , which does a nice job explaining the choices you need to make in selecting a good ADC for your application.…

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Small But Awesome Adapter Board

Here's the latest item we'd like to show you from Touchstone: this LVDS display adapter for the LG LD101WX1 LCD display. This small adapter board allows for easy conversion between standard Hirose cables and the Panasonic connector found on the back of the LCD display. This board also has support for the Touch Revolution 10.1 P-Cap touchscreen controller; this is a really useful adapter for utilizing these displays! You can use these adapter boards with single board computers to create a nice clean…

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