What's New II

What’s behind that black curtain...? New and improved facilities at Touchstone Technology, of course. Maybe… a brand-new engineering lab, a state-of-the-art storage system, and more. We’re proud to be celebrating 15 years of our company’s developing new technologies and new ways of doing things. And Touchstone’s anniversary party, date to be announced, will be worth the wait!

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Increasing the Number of Gray Shades in Medical Display Systems

It's easy to find a medical LCD that offers 8 bits/pixel, corresponding to 256 shades of gray per pixel. Now, medical displays offer gray scales of 1024 or more. But is it necessary to offer bit depth this high, especially since available bandwidth makes it hard to transmit more than 8 bits/pixel?

The widely-accepted Barten model of the human visual system is based on experimental data in which the eye is adapted to the luminance value of a uniform background. This model defines the…

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What's New?!

We've just received our building permit from the Town of Gates!  This means we are getting messy in the name of amazing renovations at Touchstone Technology. Naming those exact renovations… no, not yet. But we ARE coming up on the company's 15th anniversary, and a party is in order… don't plan anything for the afternoon of March 1st… stay tuned for details! 

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Monitor Showcase II: 24" P-Cap Open Frame Touchscreen

Touchstone Technology's latest monitor is an industrial 24" Open Frame LCD monitor with a projected capacitive touchscreen. We're proud of this FPM1186, which has been designed to provide excellent service in demanding industrial and kiosk environments. It features a Windows 7/8 compatible multi-touch touchscreen that allows full use of modern operating systems, including pinch-zoom, flicks, and all of the other latest user-interface gestures. The FPM1186 has a 178 degree high contrast LCD, as well as…

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LED Board Just For Fun

We at Touchstone have created many LED lighting solutions over the years; here's our newest LED board! Maybe it doesn't have the wow factor of one of our DICOM-compliant touchscreens, but it's fun! We made this LED board, the ASY5671, using a WS2812 Intelligent-Control RGB LED source. This allows us to program each individual LED "pixel" in any RGB color. I shot some shaky video of this cool little board, a simple project that we had a good time making. Check it out…

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