LED Article Worth Noting

Friday May 2nd, 2014 at 9:44pm

Let's shine a spotlight on LED lighting for a moment. At Touchstone we use built-in LEDs in our LCD monitor controller boards, and produce power supply units that are LED current-controlled. But as far as using LED bulbs for home or business lighting, many people don't know that there are no white LED chips; “white” light is created using multiple colors. And most current LED bulbs use blue LEDs to excite a phosphor that then glows white. These bulbs produce no violet or ultraviolet light.

How does this relate to... laundry soap? Here's how: Detergents contain optical brighteners that don't work well under these LED bulbs. Here's a really interesting article that describes why you might not see "bright white" quite as often, as incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs are increasingly replaced with LED bulbs. Check it out here.  





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