Sold on State-of-the-Art Soldering System

Thursday October 17th, 2013 at 11:13am

We at Touchstone Technology are “heated” with excitement about our new JBC soldering stations! These programmable stations feature a Sleep function, Hibernation mode, and a sensor allowing the tip’s temperature to recover extremely quickly. The JBC system we’re using, the CD-1BC, can reach 350°C (662°F) in two seconds, then can rapidly heat to a temperature high of 454°C (850°F). The better distribution of heat ensures no damaging of components that our technicians precision-solder, and also results in long life for soldering tips. The CD-1BC’s digital display offers more information and allows more control than our previous system, whose front featured a power button and LED; and getting automatic software updates to the soldering station is as easy as connecting a USB cable to the built-in port. 



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