Reuse, Renew, Recycle

One of the things that always concerned us here at Touchstone is the amount of cardboard waste we generate while building our products. All of the products we receive in come in cardboard boxes that are then just thrown away. Working together with our customers we are trying to use less cardboard. Recently we started shipping products to a customer in reusable wooden shipping containers made by our friends at These rugged shipping containers should provide years…

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An Article Worth Noting

My boss, Eric Snavely, wanted me to note this article written by Jason Lomberg for ECN Magazine about the lack of transflective displays at this years SID Show in Boston, MA. It is an interesting article that helped me understand the use of transflective displays and what is being used today in there place. Check out this article and share it with your colleagues. We would like to hear your thoughts on this matter as well. 

What happened to transflective displays? - By: Jason…

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New Products

The engineers at Touchstone have been hard at work creating unique products. Some of these products include our ASY5579/ASY5591 vehicle power conditioner and large format HD LCD controller. These products allow you to use LCD monitors in the most difficult mechanical and electrical environments. For less demanding applications you can use the ASY5579 LCD controller alone. The ASY5591 vehicle power conditioner is also available for separate purchase for use in any standalone application.

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Introducing MarCELL from Sensored Life

Touchstone Technology is proud to support MarCELL from Sensored Life. MarCELL seeks to eliminate some extremely costly disasters which plague vacant properties: Frozen and burst water popes and the resulting water damage due to furnace failures in cole weather. Toxic mold growth in excessive temperature and humidity conditions due to air conditioner failure in hot weather environments. Basement flooding resulting from electric sump pump failure due to power interruption. Remediation from any one of…

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A Touch of Uniqueness

Something that is really unique about Touchstone Technology is that we build majority of our products in-house. In our factory, we have multiple pick and place machines that allow us to bring our products off the design board and into the hands of the customer. Having these machines gives us, the designer an advantage on creating a better product for you.

Here is a video of one of our machines at work. 

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