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Computer Keyboards, Keypads, and Custom Controllers

Touchstone Technology manufactures top-of-the-line keyboards, keypads, and custom controller peripherals. An innovator in the personal/commercial computer industry since 1982, our focus goes beyond typical keyboard layouts. We provide our customers with uniquely optimized data input devices which facilitate a premium typing experience and maximum productivity.

Designed and Optimized for Both Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Touchstone’s custom keyboards are engineered to offer premium aesthetics and full-featured functionality. We offer keycaps in various sizes, colors, and fonts/printing. We offer various keyboard layouts including external controllers, foldable keypads, and membrane keyboards to satisfy virtually all unique workplace applications. We also offer backlit keyboards and custom backlighting options to accommodate dim working environments.

Our high-contrast color schemes are easy on the eyes, while the ergonomic and intuitive key layout facilitates quick and accurate data input. From the quality-built look and feel of our products to the long-term performance and reliability, Touchstone manufactures a superior typing experience for the workplace and beyond.

Our Custom Keyboard and Keypad Products:

Waterproof Keyboards

Rigorous outdoor environments aren’t required to justify a waterproof keyboard option. In fact, spilled coffee and beverages are probably the biggest risks to keyboards and computer peripherals everywhere – whether in an office, medical facility, or industrial setting. That’s why Touchstone Technology offers reliable waterproofing for our premium keyboards and controllers.

Membrane Keyboards

Along with traditional mechanical keyboard construction, Touchstone Technology offers membrane keyboard solutions. Membrane keyboards are made without rigid mechanical parts or crevices. This eliminates openings into which moisture and dirt could penetrate.

Since they are constructed exclusively from rubbery materials, membrane keyboards are very flexible, allowing space-saving bending, folding or even “roll-up” keyboard solutions for when real estate is at an absolute premium. In addition, because there are no rigid components impacting each other as keystrokes occur, membrane keyboards eliminate the “click-clack” that can annoy people nearby as you’re typing away.


In addition to keyboards, Touchstone Technology offers smaller keypads for quick customized data entry. These numeric keypads (or any other configuration the client wants) can speed up workflows, add convenience, and improve accuracy. We manufacture quality keypads with many of the benefits and add-ons mentioned for keyboards, including waterproofing and custom coloring.

Keyboard Controllers

We also produce quality keyboard controllers, available as USB keyboard controllers, RS-232, and RS-485 models among many other customer defined protocols for technology updates.

Custom Keyboards, Keypads, and Embedded Computer Systems Engineered in the U.S.A.

At Touchstone Technology, our engineers take user experience seriously. Our custom keyboard, keypad, and controller solutions are customizable for each unique application, providing you with a uniquely optimized data input platform. Furthermore, our premium keyboard products are engineered to be highly durable and robust. Contact Touchstone Technology today to discuss your specific computer peripheral needs.