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Medical Computer Monitors – Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Touchstone Technology designs and manufactures specialized computer monitors for today’s medical and healthcare industry. Our touchscreen medical monitors are used in a range of today’s high-tech patient care applications – from X-Ray review and capture to nursing central stations.

With our decades of experience serving the healthcare sector, we are well-versed in achieving the necessary regulatory compliance. Touchstone designs all monitors with high reliability in mind, using highly durable and robust components and hardware backed by a minimum of 5-year availability.

Quality-Engineered Medical Monitors:


At 21.5”, the FPM1179 touchscreen medical monitor can be used as a clinical reference display while still allowing border areas to serve as a color touchscreen. The display mounts both horizontally and vertically with optimal cable routing for each direction. The high-definition screen will display crisp images of up to a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 in both portrait or landscape modes.


The ASY5518 is a high-performance, low-cost 6.4” monitor suitable for industrial and medical control applications, as well as specialized gaming and commercial display purposes. This rugged monitor includes a highly reliable extended temperature video controller to provide continued performance in even the most harsh operational conditions.


The LCD is a wide viewing angle (178/178 LCD) utilizing a custom high brightness LED backlight. This allows the monitor to display a full 256JND DICOM calibrated image. The FPM1221 is also capable of dual use as a clinical reference display, allowing border areas to all serve as expanded human-machine interface areas. The monitor will display images of up to a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 in either portrait or landscape mode.


The optimized IPS LCD has a wide symmetrical viewing angle of 178 degrees and the ability to display images with up to 350 cd/m2 of brightness. When the backlight stabilization is enabled, the monitor can display DICOM calibrated images. The internal gamma curve is fully customer adjustable, this allows for a wide variety of image modalities to be supported.

Proven Medical Display Capabilities – High Clarity and Extended Reliability

In today’s medical sector, reliable access to information is everything. Healthcare providers rely on instant access to patient histories and vitals to provide minute-by-minute care. That’s why we design and manufacture high-resolution medical monitors that provide unparalleled image quality and 24-7-365 reliability.

Touchstone Technology has many years of experience in the medical industry. We’ve witnessed firsthand the uncompromising demands placed on display technologies in both the office and the operating room. We are dedicated to offering outstanding performance that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements and ensures lasting 24/7 operation.

Multi-Touch Display and Touchscreen Features

Our DICOM compliant touchscreen medical monitors can be found in leading healthcare facilities throughout the nation. We integrate cutting-edge convenience features such as gesture recognition, wide viewing angles, and optically bonded touchscreens.

Touchstone is backed by more than four decades of experience in complying with the medical sector’s unique regulations including DICOM, UL 60601, and many other standards. Our Rochester, New York factory is audited regularly, and we welcome the opportunity for your team to visit.

Innovative Computer Hardware at an Exceptional Value

While medical equipment has a reputation for higher-than-normal costs, we work hard to maintain quality at affordable price points. This is the result of our focus on lean operations, strong vendor relationships and proven processes. Moreover, Touchstone’s extremely durable medical displays are built to last, providing an extended service life through the use of premium materials and features, including specialized ceramic capacitors which are ruggedly engineered to perform in high-temperature environments.

Quality American Engineering and Manufacturing for Medical Computer Monitors and Peripherals

For more than four decades, Touchstone Technology has provided the healthcare industry with uniquely engineered monitors, touchscreen displays, controller peripherals, and other quality computer hardware solutions. Get in touch to learn all about our robust and reliable medical display options for your facility.