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Innovative Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Since 1982

Touchstone Technology was founded in 1982 to provide keyboards and other custom electronics to the expanding personal computer market. From the beginning, we have worked hard to build a reputation for excellent customer service, technical innovation, adaptation to customer needs, and compliance with the highest standards regarding electronics manufacture, circuit design, and customer satisfaction.

Touchstone Technology is widely known as an innovative company. We have designed products ranging from keyboards for air traffic control to video overlay systems for casino gaming. Along the way, our manufacturing capabilities have kept pace as well. In 1982, we could only produce single-sided through-hole printed circuit boards. Now we produce double-sided surface mount circuit boards with parts as small as 0.2mm x 0.1mm.

Internally, Touchstone Technology has continually sought to improve our information management and planning systems by investing in outside MRP/ERP packages and implementing unique quoting and planning systems. These tools allow for more efficient and cost-effective operations.

One of the Electronics Industry’s Leading Product Development Specialists

Many companies are stuck on “how they used to do it”, changing only when reluctantly forced to by external conditions. This results in competitive disadvantages and wasted time and money.

At Touchstone, we recognize that success in electronic design and manufacturing requires extensive researching and testing. Moreover, long-term success demands an electronics manufacturer that is committed to embracing new technological and operational advancements. Our engineering team welcomes change, adapting to evolving customer needs and technological innovations to ensure the highest quality cutting-edge products.

Quality American Engineering Solutions Backed by World-Class Manufacturing Capacity

Touchstone Technology is one of the nation’s leading domestic providers of specialized monitors, computer system hardware, sensors and peripherals, as well as a wide range of other custom electronics components. Our enterprise operates a global footprint in order to serve our customers’ unique needs wherever they may arise.