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Computer Monitors, Controls,
and Embedded Systems

Touchstone Technology has remained a leading manufacturer of innovative electronics for the medical industry, transportation sector, industrial applications, and appliances since 1982. Our company is one of the leading American providers of human-machine interface solutions including LCD display monitors, embedded computer systems, IoT sensors, and various peripherals.

Specialized Monitors, Computer Components, and Custom Electronics

Medical Monitors

Specialized computer monitors for the medical industry. Our monitors are used in a range of healthcare segments ranging from X-ray capture/review to nursing central stations.

Industrial Monitors

Rugged computer monitors for industrial applications. Our durable industrial monitors are designed for high reliability, using components with a minimum of 5-year availability.

Embedded Computer Systems

Fully integrated and embedded computer system components. As computer systems have become more compact, we now have the ability to integrate whole motherboards into reasonably sized LCD monitors.

Sensors and Wireless Products

A wide variety of environmental and current sensors for OEMs in the building control and remote sensing industries (including switch closures sensors, RS-422, RS-485, and remote transmitters)

Video Signaling Processing

Economical entry-level products which support single input sources in a small size. We have a wide variety of boards available for different applications and markets.

Far More than a Custom Electronics Manufacturer

Touchstone Technology offers far more than simply manufacturing solutions. Whether it’s video processing circuitry, human machine interface devices, firmware design, or any other complex electronic hardware need, we welcome the challenge to engineer and innovate. Our staff has the equipment and expertise to design advanced circuits with the complexity and precision demanded by today’s electronics industry.

Our mechanical design team applies decades of combined engineering experience to design enclosures that work in nearly any operating environment. Our integrated design process includes the use of Solidworks to create 3D models for all of the products we manufacture to validate the aesthetic and functional features prior to production.

Touchstone engineers regularly work with a number of regulatory agencies such as Intertek, UL, CSA, TUV, FCC and FAA. We thoroughly understand the process for incorporating and adhering to unique safety requirements throughout the design and manufacturing process. Through compliance engineering, we incorporate these requirements early in the process, then work closely with several independent compliance labs to manage the certification process for each client.


Superior American Engineering and Manufacturing Services for Specialized Electronics

Located in Rochester, New York, Touchstone Technology was founded in 1982, manufacturing keyboards and other custom electronics for the expanding personal computer market. From the beginning, we have worked hard to build a reputation for excellent customer service, technical innovation, adaptation to customer needs, and compliance with the highest standards regarding electronics manufacture, circuit design, and customer satisfaction.

Our Capabilities

Touchstone provides total design, development, and manufacturing services to streamline your project through completion. Moreover, our integrated engineering and manufacturing processes help ensure your product quality, performance, and functionality targets are met while also ensuring compatibility with all connected computer systems and peripherals.