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Rugged Industrial Monitors and Commercial Displays

Touchstone Technology works hard to design and deliver application-specific industrial monitors for a variety of commercial applications. Our specialized experience includes quality-built industrial monitors for manufacturing, kiosks, medical instrumentation, and the transportation industry.

Throughout the commercial and industrial space, computer monitors are often underappreciated alongside all the other state-of-the-art equipment. Backed by more than 40 years of experience in the domestic manufacturing sector, Touchstone knows that a poor display design goes beyond aesthetics. Subpar industrial displays can have a negative effect on readability, operator efficiency, and the overall productivity of your facility. Likewise, low-quality commercial displays can frustrate potential customers, turn them off of the presented product, and undercut any advertising efforts.

That’s why Touchstone manufactures superior quality industrial displays which are crisp, clear, designed to customer specifications, and ruggedly engineered to stand the test of time.

Made in the U.S.A. Industrial Computer Monitors and Displays:


The FPM1186 is a 24” industrial open-frame LCD computer monitor with a projected capacitive touchscreen. This ruggedly-built display is designed to provide excellent performance and reliability even in the most demanding industrial and kiosk environments. Sustainably manufactured in Rochester, New York using highly durable components backed by a minimum 5-year availability.


The FPM1189 is an open-frame 10.1” monitor intended for human machine interface applications. It has a compact and flexible design, allowing for uses ranging from retail point of sale to medical devices. The unique mounting brackets allow the display to be mounted in a variety of ways. The optional bezel allows for the ultimate flexibility in professional product appearances.


The Touchstone Technology FPM1195 is a complete 7.0” monitor. Ruggedly built to provide a long service life in tough industrial environments, this premium LCD display features a mini DisplayPort input along with a 5-touch point projected capacitance touchscreen. The use of standard interfaces allows for easy connection to most embedded systems.


The FPM1201 is a 19” touch monitor suitable for industrial applications. This full-featured touchscreen monitor includes the unique Baanto Shadowsense touch module, as well as a high-quality Sharp LCD screen engineered for the longest service life possible.


The FPM1246 is a 21.5” touch monitor suitable for industrial applications. This full-featured touchscreen display is ruggedly engineered for the longest surface life possible in industrial environments and harsh operational conditions.


The FPM1249 is a 17” touch monitor engineered and optimized for industrial applications. This full-featured touchscreen display is ruggedly designed to provide the longest surface life possible in industrial environments and harsh operational conditions.

Industrial Computer Monitors Engineered to Survive Harsh Industrial Environments

Touchstone Technology understands the various rugged environments that industrial monitors encounter. Manufacturing facilities are rife with chemicals, oils, dirt, and moisture, and regularly subjected to harsh vibrations. While regular display monitors and user-interface systems quickly break down and fail, our industrial monitors employ enhanced dust, corrosion (particulate as well as chemical), and moisture prevention technologies to ensure reliable long-term performance.

Our strongest capability is the creation of custom commercial and industrial monitors that meet customer-specific requirements. We have developed displays for applications ranging from self-service kiosks to in-flight entertainment seatback video monitors. Our Rochester, New York facility offers full in-house design capabilities including electronics, sheet metal, plastics, cables.

Touchstone’s innovative engineering team can completely design a monitor according to your unique needs. Extensive reuses of components (video controllers and plastics) allow us to save time to market and achieve economies of scale with lower volume products.

Product Development Expertise for Industrial Display Applications

In addition to industrial monitors, Touchstone Technology offers in-house capabilities that span material sourcing, firmware development, and electronic and mechanical design. Our single-source approach helps to ensure our industrial displays will perform in even the harshest conditions without compromising display quality, resolution, or resilience.

Serving the American Industrial Electronics Space Since 1982

Touchstone Technology strives to provide all of our industrial clients with the optimal monitor for each unique application. If you’re searching for a reliable industrial display that can survive and perform in even the most demanding environments, contact Touchstone Technology today. We are confident in our ability to achieve your unique engineering requirements and design the ideal industrial monitor for your application.