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Electronic Design and Integration Solutions

As one of the leading domestic developers of human-machine interface solutions, Touchstone Technology offers innovation and expertise in the art of electronic design. From custom medical equipment to industrial systems integration, we provide our clients with a truly optimized solution right down to the design of the electronic circuitry.

Designed In-House at Our Facility in Rochester, New York

Electronic circuitry is at the heart of everything we do – from our full line of custom monitors and displays to embedded systems, controllers, and peripherals. We use Cadence Orcad and Allegro layout software to design boards up to 25 layers with ultra fine pitch components and buried vias.

Design and Integration for Video Processing Circuitry and Human-Machine Interface Devices

Our primary areas of expertise are video processing circuitry and human-machine interface devices – including uniquely designed keyboards, touchscreen controllers, and other custom controls solutions. We also specialize in:

  • Wireless Monitoring Products
  • System Processing Boards
  • FPGA Interface boards

From Design to Manufacturing, Integration, and Firmware Development

Touchstone is far more than one of the nation’s leading electronics manufacturers. Unlike many of our competitors that simply sell off-the-shelf products, we offer the capability to design an optimized solution for each custom application.

Obviously, the requirements of a medical monitoring system can be far different from those of an industrial machine display, for example – especially when specific quality standards and regulatory protocols come into play. Our expertise in electronic design and integration enables us to better meet the challenges of these and other unique industries, and thus ultimately build better, fully integrated products.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance Through Electronic Design

Touchstone’s design team works with a number of regulatory agencies such as Intertek, UL, CSA, TUV, FCC, and FAA. We thoroughly understand the design requirements for incorporating and adhering to unique safety protocols – especially in today’s medical, healthcare, and various industrial sectors.

Through compliance engineering, we incorporate these requirements early in the design process. Our engineering team then collaborates closely with several independent compliance labs to manage the certification process for every client’s unique needs.

Whether it’s embedded computer systems, custom controllers, or firmware design and systems integration, Touchstone welcomes the challenge to design a unique and innovative solution for every one of our clients.

Innovative Electronics Solutions – Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Based out of Rochester, New York, Touchstone Technology has provided innovation in electronics design since 1982. From custom circuit design and complete video processing systems to embedded devices and controllers, we strive to engineer ingenuity into all of our products from the ground up.