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Firmware Development Solutions

Firmware development is the primary component of most modern electronic systems. Today’s complex and highly integrated computer systems demand more sophisticated custom firmware than ever before.

Touchstone has specialized in engineering custom firmware solutions since our company’s inception in 1982. Over the decades, we have developed many unique firmware packages to meet our clients’ highly diverse system requirements.

Custom Firmware Programming for Complete Systems Integration

Our primary programming development language is C for small-embedded systems (8 bit) and C++ for more complex systems. However, we are capable of working in assembly language and other languages, such as PHP, JavaScript and others for a specific project.

From Embedded Computer Systems to Enterprise Server Solutions

Touchstone has completed a wide range of custom firmware development projects – from embedded keyboard controllers to high-volume, multi-threaded, cloud-based server systems. Our solutions range from industrial machine displays and facility monitoring to enterprise solutions such as web serving and data tracking.

When it comes to computer programming and systems integration, our strength lies in our flexibility to engineer a truly optimized firmware solution for every unique application. As a single-source electronics design, engineering, and manufacturing company, Touchstone understands the total integration process – from circuity to software to human-machine interface.

Far More than an Electronics Manufacturing Company

At Touchstone, we strive to be a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ custom electronics needs. From displays/monitors and video processing circuitry to computer controllers and other peripherals, we not only build the products our customers require – we also deliver the necessary firmware design that brings those devices to life.

Our firmware development engineers welcome the challenge to design and innovate complex systems integration solutions. Backed by decades of combined experience, our staff has the expertise to build a complete firmware package that suits the custom needs of virtually any medical, industrial, or consumer application.

Fully Integrated Electronics Design, Manufacturing, and Firmware Development Solutions

Touchstone Technology is a total solutions provider, offering our clients complete electronics manufacturing services along with all of the accompanying firmware development and systems integration. Based out of Rochester, New York, our company has proudly remained one of America’s leading developers of specialized electronics since 1982.