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ASY5647 – Rugged HDMI Display Controller Board


Touchstone Technology’s ASY5647 is a fully functional LCD display controller. The target applications for this video controller are primarily in the medical LCD monitor market. However, the ASY5647 is suitable for any application where high video fidelity and long life support is necessary.

As an added feature, this high-capability video controller allows for use with projected capacitive touchscreen controllers by TPK America. Additionally, users can enable backlight stabilization, and, with a custom calibration curve, achieve DICOM compliance with a wide variety of LCD panels.

A Highly Reliable HDMI Controller Board for Rugged Industrial and Medical Applications

In order to achieve long service life, the ASY5647 uses ceramic capacitors, as opposed to electrolytic capacitors that would fail in a high-temperature environment. The controller was engineered from the start to be available for at least five years. This allows it to be used in highly regulated medical products, as well as specialized industrial equipment applications.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, this board can easily be customized by Touchstone Technology to meet your specific requirements.

Features and Specifications:

Panel Voltage: +5 or +12 user selectable

Maximum/Minimum LCD Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1200 Dual-channel LVDS / 640×480 Single-channel LVDS

Dimensions: 127.74 mm (L) x 89.94 mm (W) x 14.14 mm (H)

Digital Inputs: Displayport and HDMI

Analog Inputs: VGI

Power Input: 5V DC

Power Consumption: 10W

Backlight Support: PWM Backlight driver support with image stabilization sensor available

Touchscreen Support: TPK projected capacitive touchscreen support

DICOM Support: DICOM LCD panel supported through custom calibration

Quality American-Made Monitor Controller Boards and Video Signal Processing Accessories

Touchstone Technology specializes in the design and production of quality-built LCD controller boards. Our devices are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and seamless compatibility with our clients’ unique specifications. Domestically manufactured at our facility in Rochester, New York, our extensive range of video processing equipment spans virtually every price tier, all designed for reliable performance in the most challenging industrial and medical environments.