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ASY5905 – 4K Dicom Video Processing Board


The Touchstone Technology ASY5905 4k Dicom Video Processing board was created to support medical imaging modalities. The design contains all the necessary hardware and firmware to support a 3840x2160p touchscreen monitor. Various LCDs may require customized cables and firmware.

Please contact Touchstone Technology for more information and support.

Features and Specifications:

Display Port: Single display port: 1.2 full-size input

HDMI: One HDMI 2.0 full-size input connector

Backlight: 24V backlight support with temperature-compensated stabilization

LCD Panel Support: VByOne and eDP panel support

Dimensions: 133.2mm (w) x 127.4mm (l) x 15.6mm(h)

Touchscreen Support: USB mini touchscreen with passthrough connector

Power Input: 24V DC (7 amps max)

Special Features: Dicom support; 5-year minimum product life cycle; 3x fan control

Manufacturing Location: Designed and built in the USA

Quality American-Made Monitor Controller Boards and Video Signal Processing Accessories

Touchstone Technology designs and manufactures custom controller boards in-house to ensure superior performance. Our full line of video signal processing equipment is engineered for compatibility with a wide range of display setups, including specialized medical and industrial applications. We offer unique controller board options at virtually every price point without compromise in quality.