What Is an Industrial-Grade Monitor? Key Features and Performance Requirements

Industrial computer displays and machine monitors are engineered to be as durable, reliable, and long-lasting as possible. While rugged consumer displays generally boast about basic weatherproofing and minor shock-proof features, industrial-grade monitors take that ruggedness to another level.

Touchstone offers a complete line of purpose-built industrial monitors and human-machine interface (HMI) solutions – all manufactured in the USA and installed in state-of-the-art factories across the nation. Some of the main differentiators of our products compared to consumer-grade monitors include:

  • Five-Year Minimum Product Life Cycle and Full Component Support
  • Ruggedly Engineered for Extended Service Life on the Factory Floor
  • Designed for Uninterrupted 24/7 Operation
  • Many Unique Customization Options for Optimal Performance in Your Facility

What are the differences between industrial and consumer monitors?

  1. Longer Product Life Cycle and Support – Custom industrial monitor setups are designed for a minimum five-year operational life, extending full component support and availability over most consumer-grade options. A longer life cycle is crucial for industrial electronics that are difficult to update or change due to both costs and regulatory issues. 
  2. Ruggedly Built with Specialized Components – Touchstone’s premium industrial monitors are built with generally higher-quality electronics, casings, and other components that are specifically selected and controlled for reliable performance in the modern factory space.
  3. Reliable 24/7/365 Operation – Our industrial display setups are designed to be left on all day every day. After all, these critical electronics are responsible for monitoring and controlling some of the most costly machines in the industry. Most consumer desktop monitors, in contrast, are designed for the typical use case of an eight-hour workday.
  4. Monitor Customization and Optimization – As a single-source American manufacturer of industrial monitors and related components, Touchstone offers more extensive customization options than you get with most consumer displays. We can design a custom industrial monitor setup to best serve each facility’s unique needs and equipment. We also have the ability to provide custom packaging and labeling, reducing factory waste and streamlining logistics.

Conventional Industrial Monitors vs. Industrial Touchscreen Displays

Touchscreen displays have become increasingly ubiquitous over the last two decades. What began as a technological paradigm shift in consumer smartphones has reached well into the industrial sector. Today’s industrial facilities and factories are increasingly equipped with touchscreen display systems designed to make machine control and monitoring an easier, more convenient process with streamlined user interfaces.

Just like the case with conventional computer monitors, industrial touchscreen displays need to be engineered more robustly to stand up to tough operational environments. Waterproofing and weatherproofing are typical requirements to protect internal electronics from grease, oils, solvents, and other common industrial fluids. Screen protection and shock-proof casing are also commonly needed.

Whether your facility requires a conventional machine monitor setup or a fully-featured touchscreen display solution, Touchstone has you covered.

The Advantages of Industrial Displays Manufactured in the USA

As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of human-machine interface solutions and industrial electronics, Touchstone offers the additional benefits of making our monitors in the USA. Based out of Rochester, New York, we offer direct access to innovative US-based engineering services which will help ensure you receive the ideal display setup for your application.

Our domestic manufacturing solutions also provide better support for shorter production runs. We offer responsive customer service unmatched by our competitors, and a more reliable supply chain for your critical industrial equipment. Finally, with distribution agreements with major electronics distributors (including Arrow, Avnet, and Future), we can help with logistics and local stocking as well.

Industrial Human-Machine Interface Solutions – American Manufactured Since 1982

Touchstone Technology has been building quality industrial monitors and human-machine interface solutions since 1982. Engineered right here in Rochester, New York, we offer a full line of high-performance display options and supporting systems integration equipment designed for the needs of the modern factory.